‘Pass The Sick Bag!’ These Messed-Up ‘Passenger Shaming’ Images Will Shock You!


Flying. We don’t all have to do it. But when we do? Well, it ain’t often a lot of fun, is it? Hours and hours wedged into a tiny chair and stuck in a tin can in the sky. You can either watch sh*tty TV or pay five bucks for peanuts or just pray you don’t crash and die.

So the last thing you need is other passengers making your life anymore difficult for you than is strictly necessary. But you don’t always get waht you want, do you? Mick Jagger was right.

Taken from the Instagram account ‘Passenger Shaming‘ – these images all show what can happen when air travel goes horribly wrong…

Nice, huh?

I’m never flying again after seeing this lot.