‘Predator Shield’ In New Japanese Game Show Makes For INSANE TV!


One of the main things we associate with The Land of Rising Sun, Japan, is their love of gadgets. Okay, okay and all that weird schoolgirl/octopus stuff… But let’s be serious for a second. Technological advances and gadgetry often comes from Japan. That and insane TV Game shows. So it’s only righ that the two should hook up, really.

A new show on at the moment over there sees members of the public testing out new inventions and innovations. Which, ordinarily, just makes for pretty basic TV – only interesting to tech heads. But every now and again, you get something batsh*t crazy!

Like this clip from a test of the ‘Predator Shield’ A perspex cube that claims to keep out apex predators. Let’s see what happens when producers bundle a contestant into the plastic box and throw it in a bear pit…

God bless Japanese TV.