Dude Does A Great Big Fart In Court And The Judge Is NOT Amused


There’s a ton of stuff you’re not supposed to do during a court hearing when you’re the defendant in the case. You’re not supposed to speak unless spoken to; you’re not supposed to stand up unless told to; you’re not allowed to eat, sleep, make small talk with the jury, Snapchat … nothing. And you’re definitely not supposed to open your butt cheeks and let out a great big fart as the judge is doing his summing up. That’s a surefire, 100% no-no.

Well that’s unless you’re this dude. He decided he just couldn’t hold it in any longer. Despite being in a court of law, he let off an enormous fart and the judge – as you’ll hear in the following video – was NOT amused.

This is some funny stuff. Check it out: