Prison Thugs Save An Officer’s Life During Vicious Inmate Attack


Orient Road Jail in Hillsborough County, Tampa Bay, Florida. A prison officer is guarding the desk on a day like any other. But things were about to turn nasty – and quick – for the unsuspecting guard. A security breach has meant that a violent inmate is not locked down. The prisoner, pent up with rage, rushes the sitting guard and takes him out. He gets him in a choke hold. It looks like lights out for the officer who was caught unawares.

Suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere, other prisoners rush over. They’re going to take advantage, the guard knows it. That’s it – he’s dead and the prison’s about to riot…

Only no – quite the opposite is about to happen. The guard must have made some pals inside, because the other prisoners actually try to help him, beating on his attacker. Who’d have thought?

This footage is pretty incredible.