Dude Sees Old School Bully At Party; Bodyslams And Punches Him RELENTLESSLY


We’re torn on this video. We don’t know what to think, really. A guy bumps into his old school bully at a party and decides to get some revenge. But he takes it too far… He bodyslams him and punches him over and over and over.

“What the fu*k did you just do?”, a friend asks him afterwards. “He bullied me! Ask him!”, he replies. But this is dangerous territory. One of those punches could’ve killed guy.

Bullying isn’t cool and maybe he was justified in smacking the guy. But once a dude is KO’d, you don’t punch of kick them anymore. You leave well alone. Unless you’re a stone cold killer.

Bully Fight

See what you make of it. And note the d*ck filming.