Seth MacFarlane Nails Liam Neeson From Taken Impression On Tonight Show


Seth MacFarlane’s doing the publicity circuit at the moment, promoting his new movie Ted 2. The Family Guy creator is well known for his impressions of famous people and characters from TV and the movies, so it’s no surprise when he appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon that the host asked him to do a few in a game Fallon had invented called ‘Wheel of Impressions’. In the game, MacFarlane is asked to impersonate famous people in imaginary scenarios. As well as doing Bobcat Goldthwaite and Everybody Loves Raymond‘s Ray Romano, the man behind the voices of Peter and Stewie Griffin does a damn fine impression of Taken’s Liam Neeson as a psychotic cable TV engineer. This guy’s good.

Scarily good …