How To Shoot a Gun Like a True Thug!


The gangsta side grip. We’ve all seen it in the movies. But how is it done? Is there more to it than meets the eye? How can you make sure you’re holding a gun in the correct Thug style? Well, follow the guide we’ve got for you here…

There’s quite a few different sub-styles too. So not only is there ‘The Gangsta’, there’s ‘The Modified Gangsta’ and even ‘The Super-Modified Gangsta’. Let gun expert Matt Steele show you the way to do it:

Thug Fact:
The ‘Side Grip’ really is a lousy style for accuracy. In fact, gun experts claim that even if you attempt to, it’s all but impossible to fire two shots at the same target, it’s such a scattergun approach. So it looks cool, but it’s a garbage technique.