Stolen Valor As WOMAN Posing As a Male Soldier Gets Busted!


‘Stolen Valor’. You might have heard of it. If not – we’ll quickly explain. The upshot of it is that some douchebag who’s never served in the armed forces dons camo wear and pretends to be a soldier in order to get respect, praise and discounts and things. It’s pretty lousy.

People are becoming wise to it now, though. Videos are cropping up all the time from people who smell a rat and film themselves uncovering a valor thief. But the one we’ve got for you here is the weirdest one we’ve seen yet. It appeared as though the culprit was a guy called Michael Cipirani. Only that wasn’t the full story… In reality the fake soldier was actually Cipriani’s sister, Kelsie Hoover. She’d stolen his identity as well as some valor!

It all went down at Baltimore Washington Airport, check it out:

It’s not ideal, is it? We can see why vets and serving members of the forces might get peeved with this kind of thing. But let’s not jump on this woman’s back too much, huh? Everyone makes mistakes. We don’t know her full story, either. She might have things going on in her life. And hey – you’ve gotta admire her balls… Well, you know what we mean.