This Has Got To Be The Worst Marriage Proposal Of ALL TIME!


Getting married is a big step. If you’re going to do it, you gotta make sure you’re 100% happy with that person. There’s no use going through all of that if it ain’t gonna work out. Especially if kids end up getting involved.

So you’ve got to be sure when you pop that question. Hell, proposing marriage? That’s something that happens in public too. It’d be real humiliating if the other person said no, wouldn’t it? Damn. Can you just imagine it? What if she went all crazy at you? that’d be a real nightmare…

A nightmare that can come true! Check it out:

‘… so that’s a yes?’

Thug Fact:
Most wedding proposals are expected. A recent survey claimed that 57% of all women that had been proposed to by a man saw it coming, while just 43% said the question popping had come out of the blue.