Thug Giving His Girlfriend WWE ‘Finishers’ Is The Funniest Thing You’ll See Today


Finishing moves in WWE wrestling are what gets the crowd up off their seats, shouting loudly and just going crazy. They’re big, they’re showy, they’re dramatic.

Joe Weller loves finishers. And so does his girlfriend. This boy might well have found himself the best damn girlfriend ever. There aren’t many ladies out there prepared to let their man perform RKOs, pile drivers, choke slams and Rock Bottoms on them into a swimming pool. Which is a bit of a shame, ain’t it?

Don’t worry – it’s not all one way traffic, she gets her own back at the end… It’s all real silly, but real fun. If you’re into WWE wrestling or even just people doing dumb but funny stuff, this is for you.

Take it away, Joe…

Thug Fact:
WWE wrestling legend Hulk Hogan is 84 years old… Okay, he’s not – he’s 61.