60 Year Old Teacher Busts Moves To ‘Uptown Funk’ At Retirement Party


Shirley Clements was a teacher at the Panorama Ridge Secondary School in Surrey, British Columbia. When it came time for her to retire aged 60, she decided to go out in style. Most teachers just quietly retire after their years on the job come to an end, but not Shirley. She was a dance teacher, and decided there was only one way to mark her retirement – by hitting the floor with some of her students to bust some moves to Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars’ Uptown Funk. Shirley ran an annual dance competition at the school called ‘Outbreak’ for nineteen years before her retirement, and it was there that she chose to take to the floor for a final time.

Did we say final time? After watching Shirley strut her stuff, don’t be surprised if she’s asked back next year!