Indian Villagers Put Their Lives On The Line to Save This Wild Leopard Trapped In a Well!


At one point in our lives, we’ve all rescued an animal, haven’t we? Be it a bird caught in a chimney or a fly trapped in our kitchen. But that hardly makes us heroes, does it? Maybe if you helped an abandoned cat, we’ll let you have that. But to draw near to true heroism, you’ve got to be helping out a much bigger feline. Like a leopard. And that’s exactly what the residents of one Indian village did recently.

Trapped down well, a wild leopard had no way of making a natural escape itself. It was destined to die down there unless someone did something. And luckily for the leopard, someone did. In fact, it was more than one person that helped out – it was everyone. Using makeshift ladders, nets and cages, they defied the odds to launch a successful rescue attempt. This is dangerous stuff. These kinds of wild cats don’t mess around, you know…

Check out this daring rescue bid right here: