Student Designs a KNIFE-PROOF Batsuit And Instantly Goes From Weedy Kid To Thug!


Industrial design student Jackson Gordon is a fan of the Batman movies and comic books. But he’s no cosplay-obsessed geek. He’s used his love of all things Bruce Wayne to come up with his own super durable and even STAB-PROOF version of the Batsuit. Manufactured under his Artamus Designs set-up, Gordon is pretty much invincible now (you know, if you ignore the fact you could shoot him in the head…).

He’s studying at Philadelphia University at the moment, but you’ve gotta imagine that this smart young kid’s got a bright future ahead of him. In either industrial design or crime fighting. Either way.


You wanna see it in action though. Check it out:

And here’s Gordon’s final version. We’ve got to get us one of these!

Thug fact:
The Batsuit worn by Christian Bale in the last Batman flick, The Dark Knight Rises, is described by manufacturers as “semi-flexible Urethane-moulded pieces, suspended on a polyester mesh known as 3D spacer mesh”. Now you know what to ask for next time you’re at Target.