Bull Pins Down Female Bullfighter During ‘Fight’ And HUMPS Her


Now, it’s tempting to dismiss this story as bulls*t. But we’ve got the clip to go along with it, so you know it’s true. We head to Spain where, for some reason, they all think it’s cool to goad, poke, prod, annoy and then kill bulls on TV for entertainment.

Now, then. In this particular ‘bullfight‘ the bull decides to turn the tables. He decides to take the initiative and dominate the matador. And why not? You’ve got to fancy your chances when the matador is a midget.

This lady’s a dwarf and stands no chance when the bull flips her and mounts her. Oh yeah, we forgot to mention that… The bull was horny.

Bull Humps Woman

This is just pure romance right here. *cue the Barry White music*