Driver Plows Through Black Lives Matter Protesters Blocking The Highway


Black Lives Matter is a protest group set up to highlight injustices against the black community perpetrated by police and other figures of authority. It was set up in the wake of a number of high-profile killings of people of color by police officers. Race relations are at an all time low in the USA, as demonstrated by the shootings that took place in Dallas and Baton Rouge recently.

One tactic that BLM have taken to using is blocking roads. Protesters link arms and block highways in order to cause disruption thus getting their message across. The problem with this, however, is that ordinary members of the public are greatly inconvenienced, and it can lead to confrontational scenes such as the one shown below. In the video, we see a woman forcing her way through a blockade in her vehicle. The woman plows forward through the roadblock in Ferguson, Missouri, thus putting the protesters in danger.

Whilst it is easy to understand the frustration of the driver in question, was she justified in what she did? The person who put the video together clearly thinks so, but we’re not so sure. She could have caused injury, or even death, through her actions.

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