Chick Fight Goes Crazy As Clothes Get Torn Off!


Street fights. Look, they happen. Whether they’re caused by anger, booze or both, sometimes people get down to it and throw hands in the street. It’s never the classiest thing you’re ever likely to see, but there you are. If you quite like tacky public scrapping, then we think we might well have found your new favorite video…

Originally titled ‘Stay Classy, Aberdream’ when it first hit the internet, this clip shows some young women – hammered – having a fight with each other. But it’s a girl fight with consequences… Their flimsy little outfits get ripped and torn and moved, exposing a whole load more of their flesh than they’d hoped.

This is a crazy bitch fight that escalates quickly. Not only that, the dude filming can’t contain his obvious excitement. “I just saw a titty! I just saw a titty!”