Christina Milian Gets Her Butt Waxed And Bleached For Lil’ Wayne On TV!


Christina Milian. Remember her? Right. It was quite a long time ago, wasn’t it? She was okay. Decent songs. She was hot, though. We remember that. And she still is. Turns out she’s got her own show too. Who knew? And things got WEIRD on there recently…

In the newest episode of her E! reality TV show Turned Up, Christina decides to go get her butt waxed and bleached. Oh yeah. Anal waxing and anal bleaching. On TV. What a time to be alive (and watching TV)

Christina tells the salon owner why she wants to ‘enhance’ the look down there and it’s about her boo. She’s got some intimate FaceTime sessions booked in with her lover. Who’s the lucky guy? None other than the rapper Lil Wayne