Army Vet Captures SHOCKING Footage Of a Cop Punching a Handicapped Woman


When veteran Jermaine Green and his fiancee Violet Roberts boarded a bus in Bellweather, Los Angeles, the last thing they thought they’d see is what happens in this video. Following them on to the bus was a woman with a baby stroller full of pillows. She said hello to the other passengers and the bus moved off.

At the next stop, two LA County sheriff’s deputies got on the bus and called the woman by her name. They ordered her off the bus and when she refused, this happened:

As you’ve seen, the veteran was amazed when the cop didn’t take his phone off him and destroy the evidence. Maybe the cop didn’t take the phone because Green’s a veteran with tours of Afghanistan and Iraq behind him and he’s built like a brick wall.

As the video shows, the cop prefers to take down handicapped women, not two hundred and twenty pound army giants who have faced off against the Taliban. Once the cop discovered what type of man he was dealing with after asking for Green’s phone, he backed off. But not before being racist by assuming Green had warrants out on him because he’s an African American.

What a douchebag, huh?