Father Takes Revenge On Karate Instructor Who Kidnapped And Molested His Son


Back in 1984, Jody Plauche was kidnapped by his karate instructor Jeff Doucet in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Doucet flew Jody to California, where he kept him in a hotel room and systematically molested and sexually assaulted him. A few weeks later, after a countrywide search, Jody was located and returned to his parents. Upon his return, it was revealed that Doucet had been abusing Jody for over a year.

After his return, Jody’s parents struggled to cope with the reality of their son being abused. His father, Gary, was coping particularly badly. He told reporters at the time that he didn’t know what to do and “just felt helpless.”

Ten days later, Doucet was flown back to Baton Rouge from California. As he was being led, handcuffed, through the airport by police, Doucet was ambushed by Gary Plauche, who shot his son’s molester in the head from close range. All this was captured by a news crew. Doucet died the next day.

Plauche, who was entirely unrepentant about his actions, received a probationary sentence of five years, meaning that he saw no jail time.

Was Gary Plauche right to do what he did? Should he have taken the law into his own hands? Wasn’t he just doing what any father in his situation would?

VIDEO: 14 Year Girl Abducted By Pedophile.