Very Creepy Uncle Yanks Down Niece’s Towel After She Gets Out Of The Shower


Everyone loves a good prank, don’t they? Admittedly a lot of them aren’t all that hilarious when you’re the victim of the prank and the joke’s on you. But when it’s someone else getting punked? Yeah, they’re funny. And if the prankee happens to be a naked lady? Well, then… All the better.

That’s what’s going on here. A young blonde lady is doing some dishes or grabbing a glass of water or something from the sink. She’s just got out of the bathtub and is just in a towel. No biggy – these kinda things happen at home.

But what doesn’t happen at home normally? A creepy old perv doesn’t normally tiptoe up to you and pull your towel away so you’re stood in the middle of your kitchen butt nekkid.

It’s even weirder when you consider that the old guy is the girl’s UNCLE!


Just watch the way he sneaks up on her. Dude’s like a 90 year-old Ninja!


Hey, she doesn’t seem too p*ssed…


Hey, girl. Your uncle? He’s a creepy, creepy guy…