Dude Harasses Girlfriend After Finding Her Taking a Naked Poop


Privacy. It’s a strange notion and one that can be difficult to police and enforce when you live with someone. Especially if you’re in a relationship with them. Some of the ‘bedroom shenanigans’ you get up to may make you think that there are no barriers or boundaries, but there are. You’ve gotta give your partner a little space and privacy still…

You don’t bust into the bathroom while they’re dropping a deuce and interview them on camera, then upload that clip onto the internet, that’s what we’re basically saying here. Even if your girl is totally naked while doing her business.

Otherwise you end up like this creep. Sure, it might be a little strange to guys as to why she’s not wearing clothes, but she was probably about to have a shower or something, who knows?


Damn! Just give the girl some room, dude…