Student Knocks Kid Out After He PUNCHES Female Teacher!


School. Fun for some people, Hell for others. Exams, grades, bullying, teachers, sports; it’s a topsy-turvy experience for a lot of kids. But when fights really get bad – like here in this clip… Sh*t gets real. You’ll see what we mean.

A kid (the one in the red hoodie) is scrapping in the classroom with fellow pupil. He loses it and starts windmilling like CRAZY. The female teacher steps in to calm the situation and stop the fight. But the kid won’t stop. He hits the teacher and carries on windmilling.

Another kid – until this point he was just a bystander – sees his teacher taking a punch and steps in. He ain’t happy. With one precise hand he flattens the red hoodie kid. Knocking him to the ground. BOOM!


Schoolroom justice.