School Bully Tossed Around Like A Rag Doll After Bullied Kid Goes LOCO!


We’ve seen time and time again that bullies are often just p*ssies in disguise. They make a whole bunch of noise, kick off and ultimately can’t back up what they’re saying. And we’ve another classic example of that right here. And, yet again, it backfires for the kid in a beautiful little bit of instant karma…

It’s the well-known arena of the school corridor. We see two kids. One in a grey jumper (the bully) and one in a red check shirt (the kid getting sh*t). There’s an argument. It gets heated and escalates. The aggressor can be heard goading the other kid:

”What are going to do about it? You’re not, like, f*cking, even man enough to get into it.”

But he couldn’t be more wrong…

School Bully Handled

Oh, yeah – and the kid in the check shirt knows aikido. Check it out: