Thug’s Girl Calls Him Out For Being ‘Childish’ – Responds By Building a Cushion Fort


When you get static off your other half, what do you do? Go toe to toe and have a huge fight? Run off crying? Plot some sort of ridiculous petty revenge? If you went for option c), then you’re gonna love the work of this guy here…

During a fight with his girlfriend, she called him out for being ‘too childish’. His response? To build en enormous fort in the living room made from cushions and put an ad up on Craigslist looking for a bro to kick it with inside the newly-made ‘Fort Kickass’

Here is that fort:

craigslist (1)
Fort Kickass in all its glory.

And here’s the hilarious ad:

craigslist (2)

Oh, and here’s the dog. Complete with pizza…

Craigslist 3
Pizza-loving guard dog.

You gotta be careful on Craigslist, though. It’s easy to get scammed on there. If it happens to you, we hope you got a guy like this watching your back…