Loco Old Golfer Decides To Wrestle Alligator To Get His Ball Back


How much are golf balls these days? Two bucks? Three bucks for a slightly better named brand? Hey, we know that there’s a bit of a financial situation going on in the world now and people ain’t as flush as they once were, but c’mon… Money saving measures should only go so far. There’s no need to confront an alligator just to get a stray golf ball back, for instance.

Someone should have told the crazy old dude here. A garbage shot has seen him skew his ball wide and into alligator country (what kind of golf course is this, anyway?!). But instead of just writing off the ball and losing a couple of shots, this guy attempts to get his ball back.

So he’s either hard up for cash, a REALLY serious golfer or a man who hates gators. Maybe all three.