Drunk Frat Boy Takes On MMA-Trained Bouncer; The Inevitable Happens


If we could give any aspiring street fighters out there one simple tip it would be this – don’t ever get drunk and then attempt to fight a sober nightclub security dude who’s a full foot taller than you, 100lbs heavier and trained in MMA. In fact, that advice is so good it should be taught in school.

But no one ever thought to tell the douchebag frat boy in this clip. He’s a standard drunk idiot male. Spoiling for a fight, dammit, he’s even taken his shirt off…

We love the way the bouncer deals with this too. He’s not the one who wants the fight, so he’s on the backfoot. But just watch, he crouches down and leans forward. This makes him look smaller and closer than he really is. That way, when the guy swings for him, he can lean and step back. He swerves the punch and counters…