Ghetto Girl Shows How ‘A Bad B*tch’ Should Please Her Man


If you’re prepared to put the time into researching it – and we are – you’ll find that there’s quite a lot of video content on the internet surrounding oral s*x. Most of it is very hands on (well, ‘mouth on’). But while it’s all mostly very visual, what these video clips often lack is any real theory behind them. Well, luckily we’ve got a clip right here that mixes demonstration with explanation.

It’s a tutorial. About giving good head. Apparently, according to the expert in the video, too many girls don’t know how to ‘please their n*gga’. But luckily, she does. And she’s prepared to tell everyone all about it.

This practical little teaching video may just prove invaluable to any ladies there reading this. Guys, though – you might just get a kick out of this ho expertly throating a whole banana…


“Welcome to Dick Sucking 101, bitches.”