Ever Seen A Girl Farting Under Water In Super Slo-Mo?!


Have you ever seen a film of a chick farting in a swimming pool at 120 frames per second? Nope? That’s hardly a surprise. The internet is hardly awash with super slo-mo clips of the fairer sex pumping out gas under water. So these guys spotted a gap in the market. Hey, there must be a whole world of guys out there who would be interested in seeing a hot girl letting rip, right?



The actual purpose of this video is to try to remove stigma and embarrassment from one of the most natural, and amusing, bodily functions. What these guys have produced is a majestic thing of beauty. The girls movements, combined with the flurry of bubbles emenating from her butt, is oddly relaxing! It’s just a good job that she didn’t follow through. That would have been a completely different sort of video.


Watch the full video below…