This GTA V Stunt Compilation Is INCREDIBLE!


Motorbike handling in the world of Grand Theft Auto was for most of the franchise’s history a fiddly, unrefined hindrance. Who can forget the living nightmare that was the ‘Wrong Side of the Tracks’ mission in GTA: San Andreas? It seemed so easy on paper. Just ride a dirtbike alongside the moving train and let Big Smoke blast the goons off its roof with his SMG. In reality, the twitchy bike controls, a wealth of obstacles and Smoke’s inability to shoot straight led to mission failure after mission failure. This in turn led to starting the mission right from the very beginning again, because those were the days before Rockstar thought to include mission checkpoints in games with huge open worlds that sometimes started their missions miles and miles away from where they ended. Those were the days!


Fast forward to today and bike handling in GTA V has vastly improved. We didn’t know quite how much until we saw this incredible compilation. In the video, several dudes attempt some amazing stunts. The majority are on bikes with a few cars thrown in for good measure. How the hell they pull this stuff off without crashing into the sides of buildings or ending up as human fireballs is anyone’s guess. It’s damn impressive stuff. Watch out in particular for the guy who cycles down the side of a skyscraper.

Yeah, you read that right …