Sweet! Alpha 16 Nissan GT-R Hits 211.4 MPH On The Airstrip


In this superb onboard camera footage from YouTube’s TopSpeedMotorsports, the guys take the mighty 4.4 liter Alpha 16 Nissan GT-R to the airstrip for a drag race against a Toyota Supra. The Alpha 16 packs a punch, with its AMS Turbo System capable of pumping out an eye-watering 1800 brake horsepower. This makes it one of the greatest GT-R conversions out there, easily holding its own on the highway, on the track and here, on the airstrip. Hitting a top speed of 211.4 MPH, the Alpha quickly leaves the Supra it’s up against way behind in the dust. No surprise when it’s packing over three times the horsepower of a standard GT-R.

Check it out: