GTA V Fan Takes Photos Of The Real Life Locations Found In The Game!


GTA V was released in September 2013, and grossed $800 million in its first 24 hours alone! It had been hotly anticipated since its release was first announced two years earlier. Few anticipated it more than Dave Michalczul, a GTA mega-fan, and he was not disappointed. He, like many of us, threw himself into the world of Los Santos, a fictional city based on LA, and home to the game’s central characters. As he played the game, Dave began to notice just how much the geography and architecture of Los Santos resembled that of Los Angeles. So, he set off around LA armed with a camera, hoping to capture the similarities.

GTA main pic

The results are awesome. I had been told that Los Santos bore some resemblance to LA, but I didn’t expect this attention to detail! So, scroll down the page to see Dave (and the GTA animators’) fantastic work.

Can you tell which is the game and which is reality?

hotel comp

Hotel on Sunset Blvd

hotel real

pier comp

Pier sign

pier real

3rd st comp

Third Street Promenade

3rd st real

artists comp

Artists Agency on Sunset Blvd

artists real

Biltmore hotel comp

Building based on the Biltmore Hotel in Downtown, Los Angeles

Biltmore hotel real

boardwalk comp


boardwalk real

chinese theatre comp

Famous Chinese Theater in Vinewood/Hollywood

chinese theatre real

church comp

Church near Michael De Santa’s house

church real

ferris wheel comp

Santa Monica Ferris Wheel

ferris wheel real

hotel 2 comp

The Richman/Beverly Hills Hotel

hotel 2 real

observatory comp

The Galileo Observatory and the Griffith Observatory

observatory real


Pleasure Pier sign vs Pacific Park Sign

park sign real

pier 2 comp

The Malibu Pier and Chumash Pier

pier 2 real

ripleys comp

Bishop’s WTF?! and Ripley’s Believe it or Not

ripleys real

rodeo drive comp

Rodeo Drive

rodeo drive real

san mon del per pier comp

The Del Perro Pier and the Santa Monica Pier

san mon del per pier real

santa monica del poro comp

Del Perro and Santa Monica at sunset

santa monica del poro real

store fronts comp

Store fronts seen in the first trailer

store fronts real

tunnel com

Tunnels in Downtown Los Angeles

tunnel com

us bank comp

US Bank Building

us bank comp

vine_holly comp

Vinewood/Hollywood sign

vine_holly real

whisky teq comp

Tequi-La-La/Whiskey A-Go-Go in West Vinewood/West Hollywood

whisky teq real

Did you know? GTA V broke seven Guinness World Records within three weeks of its release!