Next Update Will Finally See GTA V Rockstar Editor Coming To Consoles


Next-gen console owners will finally get their hands on something their PC-owning counterparts have been enjoying since April – the Rockstar Editor. A recent blog post on the Rockstar site confirmed that the editor – which allows players to mess about with the camera to make their own chaotic GTA movies – will appear on both the PS4 and the XBox One in their next update.

This is good news for console owners who’ve been looking on at what PC gamers can do with the Editor with envious eyes, and the good news is the update will coincide with Rockstar’s latest Editor competition, ‘Ill Gotten Gains’. A spokesman for the company said:

“The upcoming launch of the Rockstar Editor for PS4 and Xbox One as the next update to Grand Theft Auto V and GTA Online means the next Rockstar Editor contest will be the first one with entries across all three platforms.”


Looks like it won’t be long before console owners will have yet another GTA goodie to play with. Check it out: