Hottest Girl Ever Seen On a Bike Flashes Her Butt!


Hot girls on bikes. That’s what we wanna deal with right here. We’ve covered motorcycles in the past, but we’re not interested in dudes kicking thieves off bikes or anything like that. We just wanna see crazy hot chicas riding about with their skirts blowing up in the wind. And we make no apologies for it.

Luckily for us and you, we’ve stumbled across the perfect video that ticks all the boxes. There’s a blonde ‘bomber babe’ from Bomber magazine riding a KTM RC8R Bee-Drifter in, well, not very many clothes at all, really.

She rides around town and gets plenty of attention and it ain’t surprising, really. After all, when was the last time you saw a smokin’ hot knockout flashing her ass while riding a giant motorcycle? Yeah, exactly.