When Women Hit These Guys, They Fight Back…


It’s a touchy subject. And a controversial one, for sure. Now, only someone’s who’s a brain-dead piece of sh*t thinks that domestic violence is okay. It’s not right for anyone to wage a campaign of fear against another person in their own home, no matter if you’re male, female, black, white, gay, straight, fat or thin. If you knock around your ‘loved’ one – here’s our message to you – Go f*ck yourself.

A lot of people will say that you should never hit a woman. Under any circumstances. And we totally understand where they’re coming from. Dudes are a lot stronger and bigger than most women, it’s not a fair fight. Plus a real man should be able to keep his cool and walk away.

But other people say, ‘hey – equal rights… And lefts.’ If you’re under attack, sometimes you’ve got to protect yourself. And attack is often the best form of defense. If you’re being repeatedly punched and kicked by a woman, maybe you’re entitled to dish out a few slaps to seize control of the situation?

What do you reckon? Unsure? Maybe this video might help you out…