Texas Man Confronts Man Beating His Girlfriend – And He Is NOT Happy!


An ugly scene in a parking lot in Texas recently saw a man have to intervene when another man began beating his girlfriend in their car. Luckily, the good Samaritan saw what happened and intervened before the situation escalated beyond control. He was a big dude too. And didn’t hold back telling the stupid kid that hitting women is not cool.

‘You can already see where you put your hands on her, look at her face!’ He then tells the man that if he ‘puts his hands on her again’, that the two of them will be fighting (and that’s only going one way, judging by the size difference!). The knight in shining Jordans can then be heard telling the punk – ‘You gotta respect women!’

We think he got the message. The douchebag certainly didn’t seem to argue the point, anyway…