Cops Looking Into Florida Woman Who Filmed Herself Having Sex In Courthouse


She’s known as ‘Super Head Brittney Jones‘. And with good reason. She’s known for her fellatio videos. But her most recent? It’s got her in REAL TROUBLE.

The online clips have made her a living and given her a following, but her latest saw her getting down with a dude in a courthouse and the law are PISSED!

“Just found a way to get out of trouble.” She posted on social media, also saying “that damn tongue got me in trouble again lol.”

Local journos have been enjoying the story, no doubt.

Some pictures and screenshots from the ‘lady’ herself:

Court Sex Court Sex Court Sex Court Sex

Here’s a news report. The original clip is far too graphic, but if you need to see if for ‘research purposes’, just Google a few key terms and or search it on Hip Hop Dugout.