Thug Ice T Voiced Your Favorite Cartoon Characters And You Didn’t Even Know…


Ice T’s an OG, but you knew that already. You’ve seen him being a straight-up thug in movies and TV shows for years. And if you’ve got any taste in music, you’ll know all about his abilities with a mic. Iceberg’s one of the best rappers ever to lay down a track. But did you know he’s also one the most active cartoon voiceover guys ever too…?

That’s right, Ice T and his unique voice have cropped up in all sorts of animated shows down the years. Jimmy Fallon let us into this secret in a recent show. You might be surprised where Ice appears. Did you know he voiced Doc in GI Joe, for instance? And lent his voice to Scooby Doo? You didn’t know? How about Dora the Explorer?

Thug Fact:
Ice-T’s real name? Tracy Morrow. Don’t let Ice catch you laughing at that…