Couple Caught Having Intercourse In Supermarket Parking Lot In Broad Daylight!


A couple from England were caught on CCTV having sex in a supermarket parking lot in broad daylight!

CCTV footage captures the pair walking up to the Skoda car in an Asda supermarket in Manchester, before the male pulls down the woman’s tights and begins having sex with her over the bonnet. Oddly, a second man, lingering by the couple, then appears to place his fingers in the woman’s mouth.

sex on car caught on CCTV

The trio were forced to flee after the owner of the car returned to break up the bizarre threesome. Itchie Akhtar, who was with his cousin, the car owner, at the time, told reporters:

“They were so open about it. It was absolutely hilarious to watch but my cousin was more concerned about his car getting dirty.
We were all going crazy, laughing, shouting, 2pm, right in front of Asda.”

sex on car caught on CCTV 2

Itchie also added that since the incident, his cousin has made sure to get his car cleaned – TWICE! Ew!!!!

Watch the video below.