Italian TV Presenter’s Jug Falls Out LIVE On Air


Italians do it slightly differently. What do we mean by ‘it’, exactly? Well, everything. You’ve only got to look at Silvio Berlusconi. An elected official, he’s been one of the country’s most important and influential men in recent times. And the man’s dodgy as anything. Constantly sexually harassing women and saying outrageous things, Italians LOVE him.

And so we come onto this clip. It’s from a national TV show about soccer, the country’s national sport. But instead of three or four ex-pros sat around talking about what’s happened, in Italy – they do things differently. They hire a presented in an incredibly low cut top to talk. And spill a boob.

We’re not joking. That’s just how they roll in Italy. Seriously. Here’s Marika Fruscio experiencing a serious wardrobe malfunction.


You don’t get this on CBS…

Oh, why not? Let’s look a little closer, shall we?