Lavell Crawford Has Something To Say About McDonald’s Salads


If McDonald’s is known for one thing, it’s delicious, salty, fatty, unhealthy, artery-clogging fat burgers dripping with sauce and oil and sweet, sweet, sweet-tasting evil. What it ain’t known for is salads. And yet, a few years back, the bigwigs over at Double Arches HQ got the chills when the healthy eating lobby started shooting their mouths off about how we should all start eating boring, miserable, cardboard, tasteless, pointless, may-as-well-shoot-yourself-now health food … as if we’re rabbits or something. McDonald’s started to feel the heat from the bullying big mouths of the health lobby and so, in a feeble attempt to pretend their restaurants were just as healthy places to eat as everywhere else, they introduced a range of salads.

That’s right – salads.

In a McDonald’s.

Ever wondered why you’ve never seen anybody order a salad from a McDonald’s? Because it’s goddamn McDonald’s – that’s why. If you wanted to eat healthy food, you wouldn’t be in a McDonald’s in the first place.

In this hilarious video, comedian Lavell Crawford tells his audience exactly what he thinks about McDonald’s decision to introduce salads to their menu. Take one look at the guy and then take a wild guess if he’s in favor or not.

We think we already know your answer.