Dude Body Slams Chick That Kicked Him In The Nuts And Wouldn’t Get Off His Property


A woman storms into a front yard. The guy who lives in the house is there. The two clearly know and don’t like each other. She accuses him of talking sh*t about him on social media. They begin to argue. She’s livid. He’s not so interested. He just wants her to leave. She ain’t leaving, though…

They argue, she gets in his grill. And lays hands on him. And knees him in the nuts. People are letting it happen and standing by. Suddenly the guy just LOSES IT and BODY SLAMS the girl. BLAM!

She never sees it coming, either. You can see she’s not in a good state afterwards. Mostly stunned.


The dude goes from 0 – 100 in about a second here. Check it out…