Italian Model Promises To Give 19 Million Dudes Blow Jobs After Losing Bet


Last year, 27 year-old Italian model Paolo Saulino promised to give a free blow job to any Italian who voted ‘No’ to Italy leaving the EU. Now, after the election, she’s got to work. But, after only four hundred BJ’s, she’s struggling…

Servicing nineteen million dudes orally will take its toll, though. Dr. Haissam Dahan, a jaw pain dentist from the Ottawa TMJ Clinic told Men’s Health magazine“My dental school did not teach me about the effects of repetitive oral sex on the jaw, so my answer here is purely theoretical.”

“The oral movements that include opening, closing, sucking, and blowing all involve the same muscles in the mouth and tongue. Therefore doing the same movements over and over again would cause a myospasm, or a muscle cramp. So I’m not surprised that she’s complaining of jaw pain. In fact, I’m surprised that she has lasted this long. If she was my patient, I would advise her to give her mouth a break.”

Paola Saulino

“I would assume she would develop chronic pain in her jaw that would include stabbing shooting pain and also a limited mouth opening—not good for oral sex. What’s worse is her jaw may seize closed, or snap shut, which would be very painful for the guy involved.”

Paola Saulino

She’s tired and stressed, but determined. “I am a woman of my word,” she told a UK newspaper recently. “Nobody has complained so far.”

Well, why would they…? Look at her:

Paola Saulino Paola Saulino Paola Saulino Paola Saulino

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