R.I.P Ammo: The Last Round You’ll Ever Use


Just when you thought bullets were lethal enough, someone’s invented a new kind of bullet that is even more deadly than you could ever imagine. G2 Research have come up with a new design they’ve called ‘The R.I.P Bullet’. Pretty scary name, huh? And it certainly lives up to it…

The R.I.P Bullet is designed to ‘maximise the lethal potential of it’s projectiles.’ Which pretty much means it enters and shatters everything in its path. You don’t even have to be much of a marksman to use it either, just point in the general direction and DESTROY. This means any one who owns a clip of these bullets increases their chances of not only maiming, but most definitely killing, anyone that gets on their bad side.

It’s certainly enough to put any home invaders off once they know one of these bad boys is kept inside. G2 say this bullet can go through any obstacle; sheet metal, concrete. Even ‘multiple layers of denim’. So perfect to take to the next Springsteen concert, then.