Dude’s Bets Best Friend He Can Get His Mom To Send Him A Dirty Snapchat… Totally Succeeds!


A guy who bet his best friend that he could get his pal’s mom to send him a dirty Snapchat has, against all the odds, won his bet.

Here’s what the kid said: “My friends Mom came up, partied with us a few times and kept hitting me up after she left. A few guys believed me but it wasn’t until Johnny said I couldn’t get his Mom in a million years to p*ss me off enough to do it.”

He added this:
Snapchat Mom

And he wasn’t joking, either. This kid really did somehow get hold of the cheeky Snapchat from his boy’s mom. How? He hasn’t said. But you’ve gotta give the dude mad props…

Snapchat Mom

Alright, that was teasing you all a bit there, weren’t we? Here’s the real image. Talk about being a MILF. Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit…

Snapchat Mom