This Guy Set His Camera Up By A Snowy Railroad As A Massive Locomotive Approached. AMAZING!


They get some pretty vicious snow up in Canada. Earlier this year, the Southern New Brunswick area was hit with three major blizzards in less than a week, leading to massive snow drifts. YouTube user containerman2 noticed a particularly heavy build up at a railroad crossing, and set up his camera hoping to catch some action as a high speed Canadian National Railway locomotive hurtled toward it. However, no-one could predict what happened next.

Did you know:

British Columbia, Canada, is one of the snowiest places in the world. The highest average annual snowfall recorded at a weather station is 1388 centimetres (45.5 feet) on Mount Fidelity. The station sits above the Trans Canada Highway at 1890 metres (6201 feet) elevation on the west side of Glacier National Park. This is also where snow falls most often in southern Canada, averaging 141 days a year.