The Rock Injures Himself On Set. How He Reacts Is 100% Thug.


When Dwayne Johnson – aka The Rock – injured himself while filming recently, he posted this video to show both the extent of his injury, and just how much of a sh*t he gave about it. That looks like a pretty nasty injury to his hand to us, but to the Rock? Nah, it’s no biggie. We suppose a man who’s spent a large chunk of his adult life being smacked over the head with steel chairs and clubs covered in barbed wire isn’t going to let a little thing like a screwed-up finger ruin his day. And he certainly isn’t going to let it get in the way of him filming his latest cinematic, er, masterpiece.

Watch what happens when the big guy injures himself on set. His reaction is 100% Thug.

Check it out: