This Group of Girls Will Send You A Nude Pic If You Vote Against Donald Trump


Is it a new form of feminism like the Free the Nipple campaign is supposed to be? Is it a unique form of political activism? Is it bribery? Or is it just flashing…?

What are we talking about? Well, they call themselves ‘Tramps Against Trump’. And their thing? They’re promising to send a nude to anyone who votes against Donald Trump in the upcoming US Presidential race.

Were listening, girls…

Tramps Against Trump

“As the American election process started to unfold, we started to realize that Donald Trump was a real threat, not just a joke.” says ‘Jessica Rabbit‘.

Tramps Against Trump

“The sex positive activist community is uniting across borders to keep misogynistic men out of the government,” she goes on.

Tramps Against Trump

We don’t know. We can’t help thinking that the type of person who would take these girls up on their offer would just vote for Trump regardless…