Shocking Footage Captures Moment Teenage Mob Exact Revenge On Paedophile


A film has emerged capturing a group of Russian youngsters taking revenge on a pedophile that tried to groom a 13 year old girl. A female friend of the group filmed and uploaded footage of the teenager’s violent attack on the 47 year old man. Three men have been subsequently arrested after the footage was widely shared on the web.

The man had apparently contacted a 13 year old on social media telling her that he wanted to meet up for sex. However, after telling friends about the conversation, a mob of youths turned up instead, intent on taking revenge on the man. The footage, shot near Efremovo, in the Tula region shows the man screaming and pleading with the group as they rain kicks and punches down on him.

The man survived the beating, but was attacked again the next day, and subsequently died from his injuries. Locals had said that he often had young female visitors to the house. He had previously spent time in jail for robbery.

Was the beating justified, or should the group have left it to the courts to exact justice?