Trucker Fired After Smashing Girl While Speeding Down Highway And Filming It


Now, then. You might think that the ultimate for a truck driver might well be getting a blowy while driving. And to many of them, maybe it is. But you’ve got to dream big, we say. Go hard or go home. And the trucker here? He went hard (you can see that from the video).

We don’t know who the girl is, but she looks a game sort. Happy enough to jump up and down on the dude’s gear stick, he looks like the cat that got the cream as he smokes and grins and grinds and films it. But he wasn’t laughing very long…

Only the guy got fired when the video ‘leaked’. And understandably. Alright, it looks quite cool, but the fella could’ve killed someone.


Crazy guy loves a risk, it seems. Hey, it backfired, sure. But he’s only doing what any truck driver dreams of…