Tupac Is Alive In This Chappelle Show Sketch


Since his death in 1996, rumors continue to swirl around the Internet that Tupac did not die in a drive-by shooting in Vegas, but is in fact still very much alive and living among us (probably in LA). Most people dismiss the theory as a whole bunch of BS, but some still believe he ain’t dead in the same way Elvis fans think the King didn’t explode on a toilet in his Gracelands mansion shortly after completing the 1977 movie, Elvis Goes Bananas. If the King ain’t dead, why should Tupac be?

Dave Chappelle explores the theory (not the Elvis one, the other one) in this hilarious sketch from the Chappelle Show. Is Tupac really alive? We’ll only ever know for sure if he turns up one day and says, “It’s me. Tupac. I’m not dead.” Until that day, we’ll remain skeptical, yo.

Check out the video: